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Ankylosing Spondylitis Quality of Life Questionnaire

Below you will find some statements which have been made by people who have Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Please read each statement carefully. We would like you to tick "yes" if you feel the statement applies to you, and tick "no" if it does not.

Tick the one response that applies best to you at the moment.

Yes No
1. My condition limits the places I can go.
2. I sometimes feel like crying.
3. I have difficulty dressing.
4. I struggle to do jobs around the house.
5. It's impossible to sleep.
6. I am unable to join in activities with my friends/family.
7. I am tired all the time.
8. I have to keep stopping what I am doing to rest.
9. I have unbearable pain.
10. It takes a long time to get going in the morning.
11. I am unable to do jobs around the house.
12. I get tired easily.
13. I often get frustrated.
14. The pain is always there.
15. I feel I miss out on a lot.
16. I find it difficult to wash my hair.
17. My condition gets me down.
18. I worry about letting people down.