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The International MRI Course in SpA is a comprehensive online training course designed to teach rheumatologists how to identify abnormalities specific to spondyloarthritis. Participants are guided through 40 cases showing the full spectrum of MRI features observed in SpA, from very obvious cases to very difficult cases requiring differential diagnosis. A self-assessment exam is included to test participants’ knowledge following the review of the course material.

The course is divided into eight modules:

Module 1: Introduction to MRI and Imaging of the Sacroiliac Joint and Spine

The first module is a PowerPoint presentation with an introduction to MR Imaging concepts pertaining specifically to the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) and spine.

Module 2: Image Viewer Tutorial

Participants are guided through an interactive tutorial on how to use the simplified image viewer used in the course. Participants will learn how to scroll, window, zoom, and move around the MRI images.

Module 3: Fundamentals of MRI: Normal SIJ and Spine

Prior to delving into the cases showing spondyloarthritis features, participants are shown a normal SIJ and spine in order to become familiar with MRI, and learn how the different sequences (T1 and STIR) can be identified and read.

Module 4: Fundamentals of MRI: Obvious SIJ and Spine Pathology in SpA

The cases in this module have clearly identifiable features such as bone marrow edema (BME), fat metaplasia, and ankylosis.

Module 5: The Spectrum of MRI Features in SpA

Each of the cases in this module focuses on a specific feature typical of the MRI features seen in SpA.

Module 6: Early SpA

The cases in this module focus on early signs of SpA.

Module 7: Complicated SpA and Differential Diagnosis

The cases in this module do not have obvious pathology like those seen in prior modules. These cases may have features often confused with SpA. They will help participants to recognize what abnormalities fall within the differential diagnosis of SpA.

Module 8: Self-Assessment

The cases in this module will test participants’ understanding of the content provided in this online workshop. Each case is presented with a series of questions; once answered, participants will be shown their score along with the correct answers and a discussion of the case. A final score of 70% or higher will result in a certificate of successful completion for the participant.

Access to the MRI Course is provided through sponsorship from our industry partners. You must obtain an Access Code from one of our partners before registering for the course. If you do not have an access code, please review the 20 free cases.